Freitag, 12. August 2011

RR26: SIRS - Prevarication Sick and Hypocrisy of Humanity

Special Box-set containing 5CDrs, 3 Tapes, 1 Shirt, 1 Patch, 1 Poster and 4 Photos, all together in a metal box.
limited to 33 hand-numbered copies.
co-Release with Tryby Label.
Sick Depressive Ambient from Poland.
38€ (L/XL)

CD1+2: Dose of Sickness
containing the EPS Cry in Silence and Experimental forcing the Human Brain & the Demos  Fungemia and Nervous System Disorders of the Brain  

CD3: Dirty, Vile Piece Of Human Life
A collection of tracks from the splits with Illness, Nihilia, Abismo, Anonymous/Schizofreni, Fear and Aghast/Nihil/21 Gramms/Dead Factory

CD4: Hopeless Reality (All we nothing)

CD5: ICD-10 (Persistent Delusional Disorder)

Tape1: Existential Nihilism

Tape2: Hysteria

Tape 3: Outside border of the degenerate imagination

T-Shirt: Sickness called Humanity (available in L & XL)

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