Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011


Atavism - Brutal Death Grind (XL)

 Black Candle - Praise you Sins (XL)

 Black Candle - The Faceless Angel (XL)

 Cyst - After, who will be left to stand? (L/XL)

Cyst - Concussion Symphony (L/XL)

 Cyst - Wrath (XL)

Herbstregen - Life Failed (M/L)

Lycanthropy - First, not last, not sick, but mad (M)

Machetazo - The Maggot Sessions (XL)

Moloch (Deu) - Satanic Goat Noize (L)

Mortinatum - Logo (XL)

 Old Pagan - Tecknotschtiklan (M/XL)

SIRS - Sickness called Humanity (L/XL)

 Throneum - Bestial Antihuman Evil (S)

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